Animal Puppets

Category Number Puppet Description Manufacturer Status Photo
A 1 Bear mama bear brown 15″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A1
A 2 Bear papa bear black 16″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A2
A 3 Bear baby bear golden 12″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A3
A 4 Pig gree hair, red handkerchief in pocket 14 unknown
A 5 Pig yellow hair 14″ unknown
A 8 Worms brown with orange hair, brown with red hair 4″ unknown PHOTO A8
A 10 Wolf gray/black fur, pink tongue, long arms Nancy Renfro PHOTO A10
A 11 Wolf brown fur, red tongue Nancy Renfro (probably) PHOTO A11
A 14 Monster Orange 15″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A14
A 14.1 Monster Green 15″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A14.1
A 15 Muppet monster Beethoven, style 1860 bright pink, long red hair, big eyes Russ Berrie
A 16 Muppet monster style 1856 peabody bright purple with orange hair Russ Berrie
A 18 Christmas Tree flat hand puppet 11″ Nancy Renfro (probably) PHOTO A18
A 20 Owl white and brown barn owl Folkmanis PHOTO A20
A 21 Rabbit Nancy Renfro
A 22 Ghost with face and oragne and black pom-pom Nancy Renfro
A 23 Ghost with face and oragne and black pom-pom Nancy Renfro
A 24 Bat black with fangs 12″ x 9″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A24
A 25 Bat black with fangs 12″ x 9″ Nancy Renfro PHOTO A24
A 27 Spider black and brown head 5″ x 14″ Country Critters PHOTO A27
A 30 Dimetrodon flat (not stuffed, cloths and felt) Nancy Renfro (probably) PHOTO A30
A 33 Stegosaurus flat (not stuffed, cloths and felt) 18″ x 12″ Nancy Renfro (probably) PHOTO A33
A 35 Dinosaur fabric – purple and green stripes with felt 14″ x 13 Nancy Renfro PHOTO A35
A 36 Butterfly hand puppet 16 x 9″ Folkmanis PHOTO A36
A 37 Bee bumble bee glove 8″ x 5″ Folkmanis PHOTO A37
A 39 Turtle green 12″ x 5″ Folkmanis PHOTO A39
A 41 Lamb white with black nose and ears with bell 12″ x 7″ Country Critters PHOTO A41
A 42 Cow holstein, kneeling 21″ x 12″ x 7″ Country Critters PHOTO A42
A 44 Lion 20″ x 8″ Folkmanis PHOTO A44
A 46 Bald eagle 12″ x 9″ Furry Folk PHOTO A46
A 47 Bear tan 20″ x 8″ Folkmanis
A 48 Crocodile with zipper mouth 25″ Folkmanis PHOTO A48
A 50 Fox brown with white belly, cheast ears & muzzle 20″ x 11″ Folkmanis PHOTO A50
A 53 Chameleon shiny green Folkmanis PHOTO A53
A 54 Kangaroo with joey, 22″ Folkmanis PHOTO A54
A 55 Dragon green 10″ Folkmanis
A 55.1 Dragon green 18″ Folkmanis
A 56 Turtle green 9″ x 6 “ Folkmanis PHOTO A56
A 57 Clifford the big red dog head and sleeve only 12″ Norman Birdwell Danken PHOTO A57
A 58 Curious George 14″ Margret Ray Gund PHOTO A58
A 59 Mother Goose 15″ unknown PHOTO A59
A 60 Sheep dog large white Folkmanis PHOTO A60
A 62 Ants 2 black ants Folkmanis PHOTO A62
A 67 Mouse Folkmanis PHOTO A67
A 69 Hedgehog brown and tan Folkmanis PHOTO A69
A 70 Ant red 11″ Folkmanis PHOTO A70
A 71 Beaver brown beaver Nancy Renfro (probably)
A 72 Bumblebee black and yellow Folkmanis PHOTO A72
A 75 Bat bigger bat than the other two Folkmanis PHOTO A75
A 77 Wolf/lamb reversible wolf/lamb toy 9″ x 5″ Mary Meyer PHOTO A77
A 79 Bear brown 12″ Applause Wallace Bear PHOTO A79
A 80 Mouse Head only 10″ unknown PHOTO A80
A 83 Dinosaur egg hatching dinosaur in egg – white egg, brown triceratops 11″ Folkmanis PHOTO A83
A 86 Otter brown river otter Folkmanis PHOTO A86
A 87 Llama Head only 10″ unknown PHOTO A87
A 88 Dog Grey with brown noze and white muzzle3 unknown PHOTO A88
A 90 Frog huge arm puppet 17″ Folkmanis PHOTO A90
A 92 Snake 4′ 5″ long, red/blue/green, yellow hair, long tongue Nancy Renfro (probably)
A 93 Porcupine brown Folkmanis PHOTO A93
A 94 Meerkat brown with springy tail Folkmanis
A 95 Dragon blue and perple 3 headed Folkmanis PHOTO A95
A 96 Dragon red new year dragon Folkmanis PHOTO A96
A 97 Raven large black bird Folkmanis PHOTO A97
A 98 Turtle brown sea turtle 10″ Caltoy PHOTO A98
A 99 Grasshopper green with iridescent wings Caltoy PHOTO A99
A 100 Unicorn pink 10″ Caltoy PHOTO A100
A 102 Dragon orange and blue Caltoy PHOTO A102
A 103 Butterfly balack with iridencent spots on wings 11″ Caltoy PHOTO A103
A 104 Fish 2 red and white striped and blue and yellow striped Caltoy PHOTO A104
A 105 Beaver dark brown 15″ x 7″ Cascade PHOTO A105
A 106 Coyote tan and white 15″ Folkmanis PHOTO A106
A 107 Lamb pale yellow 9″ Fine Toy PHOTO A107
A 108 Dragon blue and purple Caltoy PHOTO A108
A 109 Dragonfly Green 12″ Caltoy
A 110 Hippo purple and pink Caltoy
A 111 Penguin top hat, glasses, vest, cane 7″ BeeWee PHOTO A111
A 112 Bee with stinger 8″ BeeWee