Puppet List

Detailed Listing

All the puppets available to be borrowed are divided into categories:

Finger Puppets have been put into their appropriate categories (i.e. animal or human). The finger puppets are mostly 1- 3 inches high and crocheted. The number at the beginning of each item is critical for ordering puppets!

Group A – Animal Puppets

These puppets are hand or arm puppets

  • A-62 Ant 2 black ants
  • A-24 Bat black bat
  • A-25 Bat black bat
  • A-75 Bat bigger bat than the other two
  • A- 1 Bear blue hair, orange nose
  • A- 2 Bear black fur, pink nose, red/white bowtie
  • A- 3 Bear gold fur, pink nose, removable bib
  • A-79 Bear teddy bear
  • A-71 Beaver brown beaver
  • A-72 Bee bumble bee
  • A-73 Butterfly dark blue with black and turquoise wings
  • A-17 Christmas Tree with face
  • A-18 Christmas Tree with face
  • A-83 Dinosaur Egg hatching dinosaur in egg – white egg, brown triceratops
  • A-88 Dog grey with a brown nose and white muzzle
  • A-89 Dog sheepdog, large
  • A-81 Donkey brownish donkey
  • A-55 Dragon Green, 10 inches
  • A-91 Dragon Green head with teeth
  • F-30 Dragon blue/purple
  • A-76 Fox reddish-brown fox
  • A-90 Frog huge arm puppet
  • A-82 Frog green with black spots
  • A- 7 Frog green frog with a tuxedo front
  • F- 2 Frog green with black bead eyes
  • A-22 Ghost with face and orange and black pom-pom
  • A-23 Ghost with face and orange and black pom-pom
  • A-78 Grasshopper green grasshopper
  • A-66 Grasshopper green grasshopper
  • F-32 Hen Red hen, head only, cloth
  • A-54 Kangaroo with joey, 22 inches
  • A-38 Ladybug 7inches by 6 inches
  • A-85 Lion lion with yellow mane
  • A-87 Llama llama head
  • A-80 Mouse gray mouse
  • F-33 Mouse head only, cloth
  • A-74 Octopus green octopus with polka dot arms
  • F-17 Owl brown with green bead eyes
  • A-40 Penguin 13 inches
  • A- 4 Pig green hair, purple shirt, red handkerchief in pocket
  • A- 5 Pig yellow hair, red vest
  • A- 6 Pig red hair, green polka-dot bow tie
  • F-31 Reindeer head only, cloth
  • A-92 Snake 4 feet, 5 inches long, red/blue/green, yellow hair, long tongue
  • A-56 Turtle 9 inches by 6 inches, green
  • A-10 Wolf gray-black fur, pink tongue, long arms
  • A-11 Wolf brown fur, red tongue
  • A-77 Wolf / Lamb reversible wolf / lamb toy


Group H – Human Puppets

Use the number in the left-hand column when ordering. Unless otherwise noted, these come without clothes – remember to order from the C group also!

Female – general

  • H- 1 Woman (gray hair)
  • H- 2 Woman (white hair)
  • H- 3 Woman (black hair)
  • H- 4 Woman (short reddish hair)
  • H- 5 Girl (long yellow hair, red bow)
  • H- 6 Girl (short yellow hair, purple bow)
  • H- 7 Girl (reddish hair, purple bow)
  • H- 8 Girl (reddish hair, purple bow)
  • H- 9 Girl (short yellow hair, blue bow)
  • H-27 Reversible: girl with red dress and cap, yellow hair. Reverses to female with olive flower print dress and cap, grey hair and glasses (“Little Red Riding Hood / Grandma”)

Male – general

  • H-10 Man (reddish hair)
  • H-11 Man (white hair and moustache)
  • H-15 Boy (red/brown hair)
  • H-16 Boy (red/brown hair)
  • H-17 Boy (red/brown hair)
  • H-18 Boy (yellow hair)
  • H-26 Boy (dressed, 24 inches)


  • H-19 Snowman (blue top hat, “carrot” nose)
  • H-21 Baby (dark skin, 11 inches, blue clothes)
  • H-22 Baby (light skin, 11 inches, red clothes)
  • H-24 Wizard (in costume, 21 inches)
  • H-25 Firefighter (in uniform)
  • H-12 Santa Claus (with costume)
  • H-13 Santa Claus (with costume)


Group C – Costumes

Can be worn by the human puppets. Remember to use the number in the left-hand column when ordering.


  • C- 1 Dress – green/orange/white checked, lace trim, orange flowers
  • C- 2 Dress – pink/white polka dot, lace trim, yellow flower
  • C- 2a Dress – navy/white polka dot, white lace trim
  • C- 3 Dress – red heart print, white trim, yellow pocket
  • C- 4 Dress – red/blue/green/yellow strawberry print dress
  • C- 5 Dress – purple/white checked, lace trim, pink pocket
  • C- 6 Dress – red heart print, white trim, yellow pocket
  • C-33 Dress – purple/green plaid, white trim
  • C-16 Vest and Shawl – beige/white diamond print vest, burgundy shawl
  • C-17 Dress – white/red checked, yellow vest, multi-colored strawberry print shawl)
  • C-18 Dress – green/red polka dot, brown vest
  • C-27 Nightgown and cap – light blue flower print gown, lace trim on cap
  • C-28 Witch’s outfit – black dress and pointed hat
  • C-29 Princess outfit – pink flowered dress with pink trim, yellow crown, rust robe / pink ribbon
  • C-32 Mother Goose outfit – blue dress, light blue/white polka dot apron, yellow hat

Male (or possibly either)

  • C- 8 Shirt / Pants – red/white checked shirt, blue polka dot pants
  • C- 9 Shirt / Pants – blue shirt, blue/white striped pants
  • C-10 Shirt / Pants – blue/yellow/white/brown checked shirt with yellow pocket, denim pants
  • C-11 Shirt / Pants – red/white checked shirt, yellow pocket, blue polka dot pants
  • C-12 Shirt / Pants – blue/yellow/white/brown checked shirt with yellow pocket, denim pants
  • C-13 Shirt / Pants – dark blue/white checked shirt, grey fuzzy pants
  • C-14 Shirt / Pants – dark blue/white polka dot shirt with light blue pocket, light blue pants
  • C-15 Shirt / Pants – blue/white checked shirt with yellow pocket, blue pants
  • C-19 Outfit – white shirt, beige vest, brown/white checked pants, burgundy hat
  • C-20 Outfit – white shirt, brown/white patterned pants, beige hat
  • C-21 Outfit – white shirt, beige vest, persimmon pants, berry hat
  • C-31 Farmer’s outfit – plaid shirt, light brown farmer’s hat, blue/white polka dot overalls


  • C-22 Robe / Crown – beige robe with purple ribbon, yellow crown
  • C-23 Robe / Crown – orange robe, gold crown
  • C-24 Robe / Crown – turquoise robe with purple ribbon, yellow crown
  • C-25 Robe/ Crown – royal blue robe with red ribbon, yellow crown
  • C-26 Robe / Crown – red robe with purple ribbon, yellow crown
  • C-30 Cape – red, with hood
  • C-33 Cape – grey


Group P – Props

  • P- 1 “Great Blueness” colors
  • P- 2 Tree
  • P- 3 Bandages and Scarves
  • P- 4 Popcorn (can be used for seeds)
  • P- 5 Beard
  • P- 6 Paper well with a pocket to be the inside of the well
  • P- 7 Sword
  • P- 8 Lambskin – with a lion’s hair and tail
  • P- 9 Black cloth arm cover
  • P-10 Bottle of “milk” (glass baby bottle with cotton)
  • P-11 Medallion – smiley face with crocheted necklace


Group K- Kits

Kits contain more than one puppet, and are the components to a specific story.

  • K-1 Gingerbread Boy (2 bags, 9 items) – the items in this kit are stick puppets – Contains Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Boy on a cookie sheet, cow, horse, old woman, old man, chicken, farmer, river. *Note: at this time there is no fox… solutions: order the fox (A-76), a wolf (A-10), or the Henny Penny kit. (or create a fox for this kit!).
  • K-2 Henny Penny (6 items plus script) – Contains Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey, Ducky Lucky, and Foxy Loxy. Also a script.
  • K-3 Little Red Riding Hood (4 items plus script) – Contains Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, Wolf, and Woodsman. Includes script.
  • K-5 Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly – Contains old lady with a see-through stomach. Includes items to put in her mouth to land in her stomach. Also has cassette tape.
  • K-6 Thanksgiving Turkey Story (5 items plus script) – Contains male and female pilgrim, Male and female Native American, and a Turkey. Includes script.
  • K-7 Hansel and Gretel (3 items) – Contains 3 finger puppets- Hansel, Gretel, and the witch.


Rotating Puppet Groups

These 2-box groups rotate throughout the system on the accompanying schedule. While many of the puppets in these groups have numbers, they are not listed above, since they are traveling in a group. Each set should be sent to its new home during the last week before the rotation month (i.e. last week of June for the July rotation).

  1. (6 items)
    • Lion (large) Girl (finger puppet)
    • Stegosaurus Baby (finger puppet)
    • Pecos Bill (reversible baby/adult) White mouse (finger puppet)
  2. (5 items plus story)
    • Tyrannosaurus with bow tie Bunny (finger puppet)
    • Large elephant (arm puppet) Witch / Jack o’ Lantern (finger puppets)
    • Small Elephant “How the Elephant got its Trunk” story
  3. (7 items in five bags)
    • Purple/green striped dinosaur Lamb
    • Holstein Cow (large – arm puppet) Red Hen
    • Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, Wolf (set of finger puppets)
  4. (8 items)
    • Dog (Cedric – light brown) Monkey (finger puppet)
    • Grey Dog Humpty Dumpty (finger puppet)
    • Black Spider (11 inches) Tyrannosaurus hatching from egg
    • Beetle (black/yellow) Dimetrodon
  5. (6 items in one box)
    • Spider Chick (yellow)
    • Pterodactyl Peter Rabbit (finger puppet)
    • Hen (brown) Goldilocks & Three Bears (four finger puppets)
  6. (5 items in one box)
    • Apatosaurus Grey Mouse (finger puppet)
    • Bald Eagle Turkey (finger puppet)
    • Fox (29 inches)
  7. (5 items)
    • Rabbit (Rosita) Turtle (finger puppet)
    • Bear (20 inch) Unicorn (finger puppet)
    • Crocodile (arm puppet with fish in zippered mouth)
  8. No kit 8
  9. (5 items)
    • Mouse (Mortimer) Lion (finger puppet)
    • Monkey (Max) Elephant (finger puppet)
    • Penguin (15 inches – arm puppet)
  10. (6 items plus Old Lady “food”)
    • Beethoven (a pink muppet with brown hair)
    • Peabody (a lavender muppet with orange hair)
    • Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly – with see-through stomach
    • Butterfly
    • Bee Crocodile
  11. (7 items in one box)
    • Leopard Frog Three Pigs & Wolf (4 finger puppets)
    • Bullfrog Gingerbread Man (4 finger puppets)
    • Orange monster Green Monster
    • Crab
  12. (7 items)
    • Worms (2 with hair, eyes, etc.) Mouse
    • Mother Goose Dog (finger puppet)
    • Cat (black) cmall brown)
  13. (5 items)
    • Curious George (12 inches) Rabbit (finger puppet)
    • Sheepdog (large arm puppet) Turtle (large – 14 inches)
    • Three Billy Goats Gruff (finger puppets – 3 goats + troll)