Traveling Puppet Shows

To request a traveling puppet show from NLS, please do the following:

  1. Check with Yolo County Library (Michelle Vidana at 530-666-8031) for the puppet show’s availability;
  2. Complete the Puppet Show Reservation Form; and
  3. Email the form to  Michelle Vidana at 530-666-8031
  4. Traveling Puppet Shows – Descriptions

Mucky Moose Puppet Kit

Description:  This multiple-moose puppet package begins with Mucky Moose by Jonathan Allen.  Mucky loves to wallow in the smelliest, gooiest part of the swamp.  Flies and skunks love him.  So when a wolf decides he will have Mucky for dinner, he’s in for a challenge.  The kit includes moose, wolf, skunk, and frog puppets, gas mask, wolf-faint sound maker and even a recipe for moose muck.

If you take a moose to the waterpark, he’ll want to wear his favorite hat.  When he sees his favorite hat, it will remind him of his cool swimsuit.  Once he’s dressed he’ll want to have his picture taken…..I think you know the rest.  Whether you give a moose a muffin or take him to the waterpark, your storytime will have added fun with this adaptation of the Numeroff classic.  Props include his hat, swimsuit, camera, grass skirt, lei, drinking glass, floatie, and a Frisbee.  All tucked into a straw suitcase.

Also included in the kit is “Morris the Moose” by Bernard Wiseman.  In this show Morris thinks a cow is a moose because she has four legs, a tail and “things” on her head.  “Moosive” amounts of confusion ensue before Morris realizes that he has made a big “Moose-Stake”.

The whole three-part show with puppets, props, sounds, and easy-to-follow instructions and script is ready to travel to member libraries now.  So send a “moosage” to NorthNet and reserve your show.

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

Description:  “Little fish, little fish, let me come in.”  “Not by the skin of my finny fin fin!”  “Then I’ll munch, and I’ll crunch, and I’ll smash your house in!”  Mama tells her three little fish that it’s time to make their own homes.  Jim builds his house of seaweed, but the big bad shark munches it up. Tim builds his house of sand, but the shark crunches it up.  It’s smart Kim who sets up a house of rocks!  Children will delight in this skill story with funny, eye-popping puppets.

Book!  Book!  Book!

Description:  It’s a farmyard of fun in your library when the “Book!  Book!  Book!” traveling storytime and puppet show comes to visit.  Based upon Deborah Bruss’ picture book the show features a farm full of animals including cow, hen, pit, horse, and goat plus props and a barn full of bonus goodies just for fun.  You will look stylishly rustic in one of the three farm theme outfits while entertaining one and all with the singing cow doll, the ‘Old MacDonald’ finger puppets and book, a farm-themed flannel story show, music, 3-D printable farm animal on DVD and a resource binder filled with more ideas and book list.  And for a final grand flourish you can do the whole thing wearing the elegant and supremely goofy “Hen Hat”.  Oh yes – the barn is included – and so is a vintage Wilton book-shaped cake pan for incredible edibles at your farm.

Three Little Tamales Puppet Kit

Description:  Give chase to that running tortilla and you will find yourself immersed in the high drama of the three tamales as they battle to save their homes from the wiles of the evil coyote.  This Puppet Show in a box, from the book by Eric A. Kimmel, includes three lively tamales and a snarling, but not too frightening, coyote whose unprovoked attacks are thwarted in the nick of time by the brave tamales.  The show is introduced by a tortilla on the run and comes complete with props, tamale puppets, a wolf puppet and three fine tamale houses just waiting for the coyote to attack.  Order this show now and spin this tale of tamale courage for your young patrons.  Oh, and you will also find out what’s chasing that tortilla.  The show includes books, script, music, sound effects as well as Mexican Bingo Game Cards, Flannel sets and Resource Binder.

Ruby (Little Red Riding Hood)

Description:  Adapted from the story by Michael Emberly, Ruby (a mouse) is trying to get cheese pies to her grandmother.  Along the way she encounters a Lizard, a Cat, and Mrs. Fido (big dog).   Props included are a basket, book, hat and dress, music, as well as recipes to make some great treats:  strawberry butter, strawberry cake, and strawberry white chocolate chip cookies.

Also included in this same traveling show is “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear”.

Day of the Dead

 Description:  Explore Dia de los Muertos through articles, original art, and interactive projects.

NCLC Day of the Dead Cover.pdf
NCLC Day of the Dead Instructor’s packet.pdf
NCLC Day of the Dead sample Program.pdf

Cat in the Hat

 Description:  Cat in the Hat figure, approximately 36” tall, is sitting in a chair