Zip Books Promotional Videos

To showcase the impact that Zip Books has had on libraries and communities across the state, the California State Library commissioned a series of promotional videos in Northern and Southern California. The complete promotional video highlights the unique features of the program, while the customer and staff testimonial videos share their individual experiences using and administering Zip Books.

Complete Zip Books Promotional Video (11 minutes)

Customer Testimonial Videos

   Christopher Bates, Riverside

   Lydia Bowman, Riverside

   The Christiansens, Corona

   The Lawsons, Riverside

   Johanie Martinez-Cools, Norwalk

   The Lims, Riverside

   Karen Pezzuto, Corona

   Christopher Renteria, Riverside

   Dane Rickford, Alpine County

   Bryndis Tobin, Butte County


Staff Testimonial Videos

   Jon Andersen, Riverside Public Library

   Marie Lopresti, El Dorado County Library

   Andrea Valencia, Riverside Public Library

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