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*Due to unknown grant funding and administration, the Zip Books project will be on hiatus starting July 1, 2021 until further notice. Please contact your local branch library to find out if Zip Books is being continued locally or what other library services are available. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Zip Books project, a partnership between the California State Library and the NorthNet Library System, supported by California Library Services Act funds.

Zip Books began back in 2012 and serves as a quick, alternative way for libraries to acquire and loan materials to patrons. If a patron requests a book or audiobook that their library does not already own, the Zip Books program helps libraries to purchase the item and ship it directly to the patron within a few days. Once the patron reads the item and returns it to the library, staff decide whether or not to add it to the library collection or to donate it to another library. In this way, the Zip Books model is a supplemental way of purchasing that empowers patrons to collaborate with their local library, creates collections that are reflective of the community, and can result in cost savings for libraries.

By navigating through the different sections of this website, you will find more background information about what Zip Books is, where to find Zip Books programs, and answers to frequently asked questions. For participating Zip Books libraries, this site also serves as the online home for program resources, including training and marketing materials. The resources found here should be used in conjunction with your individual program’s documentation to aid in the continued growth of your local Zip Books program in meeting your communities’ unique reading and information needs.

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