Routing Slips

MVLS Routing Slip

Print on green paper

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MVLS Routing Slip 52.24 KB

NBCLS Routing Slip

NBCLS – Print on yellow paper

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NBCLS Routing Slip 60.5 KB

NSCLS Routing Slip

NSCLS routing slips for NSCLS internal use only – print on pink paper
Libraries outside of NSCLS should send items directly to the NSCLS library via UPS or USPS.

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NSCLS Routing Slip 72.96 KB

Other System Routing Slips

BALIS (Bay Area Library System) – Print on salmon paper
PLS (Peninsula Library System) – Print on white paper
SVLS (Silicon Valley Library System) – Print on light blue paper
SJVLS (San Joaquin Valley Library System)  – Print on white paper
49-99 – Print on goldenrod paper
MOBAC (Monterey Bay Area Cooperative LIbrary System) – Print on blue paper

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SJVLS.pdf 33.77 KB
BALIS Routing Slip 15.72 KB
MOBAC Routing Slip 11.76 KB
PLS Routing Slip (Oct 2012).pdf 99.62 KB
SVLS Routing Slip 9.9 KB
49-99 Delivery Slip 12-12.pdf 10.25 KB