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Recovering Together: How Libraries Strengthen Communities After a Disaster
The NorthNet Library System has 41 member libraries in California from north of San Francisco up to the Oregon border. Over the past five years, our region has experienced a dramatic increase in devastating wildfires, loss of lives and billions of dollars in damages that displaced thousands of residents. Our region has also suffered earthquakes, dramatic mudslides and floods. In response, the NorthNet network has launched a collaborative project: “Recovering Together: How libraries strengthen their communities after a disaster.” We are collecting and comparing relevant experiences and lessons learned from staff, volunteers and community partners. The Recovering Together project is creating a platform to enhance exchange of recovery resources and each other’s best practices. We are reflecting individually and together about how and when our libraries have stepped into the role of a lead community engagement institution and what that suggests for future planning and community connections. This project is supported in whole or in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.

North Bay Cooperative Library System (NBCLS) RFP for Delivery Services

North Bay Cooperative Library System (NBCLS) RFP for Delivery Services – Q&A

Q: Who is the current contractor for the services?
A: Our current contractor is with Right Now Couriers.

Q: What is the current awarded bid amount?
A: The current contract amount is $285,112.

Q: Would three vehicles be required? Looks like there are three separate routes.
A: The current contractor uses four delivery vans to provide these services. Should a courier propose using three vehicles, they should include in their answer how they would accomplish the routes.

Q: Where would the starting point be?
A: Starting points would be Ukiah, Sonoma, and Benicia.

Q: Would there be a return to a certain point at the end of each route?
A: The current contractor has a warehouse location, and they return to their warehouse at the end of the route.

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