Book Club in a Box

Book Club in a Box
NLS has boxed sets of multiple copies of books with discussion questions available for community books clubs to borrow.  The book club in a box sets are available for checkout to any NLS member library through the Butte County Library.

The book club sets are available for library staff run book clubs and patrons in book groups.  The Butte County Library requires the patrons to have a library card in good standing to use the items, but that is up to individual library jurisdictions.  For other systems, we would love for you to encourage your patron led book clubs to use these items as well, but to go through a library staff member in order to access them.  The library system could request the set and ultimately be responsible for the distribution, collection and returning of the sets to Butte County Library.

Butte County pays the initial shipping costs and will ship the set directly to the requesting library. The requesting library pays for the return shipping.

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Christel Gillespie