Bill & Melinda Gates Grant
A campaign available to libraries

Colorado Public Library Advocacy Initiative
When facing devastating budget cuts, Colorado public libraries developed advocacy programs and materials that can be used by any public library.

Presentation slides

Free2 Campaign
The Free2 Campaign is nonpartisan, organized and operation exclusively by the Bay Area Library & Information System for charitable and educational purposes that promotes the role of libraries in the 21st Century.  Membership is NOT limited to libraries within the Bay Area. For membership information visit:

Advocacy and issues materials

Turning the Page – Building Your Library Community
Online User Guide

For resources and tools to help library advocates make the case at the local level, visit

Indiana library students create library advocacy page in Wikipedia
Read the article

Check out ALA’s Office for Library Advocacy Every Voice Makes a Difference: Training for Frontline Advocates Webinar

The webinar and resources received high praise from NLS directors that attended.  The resources and the webinar is archived—see links below. Our own Patty Wong from Yolo County was one of the presenters.

A wealth of resources and tools to help library advocates make the case at the local level including the Frontline Advocacy Toolkit is available at

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