Disaster Recovery Services

Emergency Supplies Container Protocol for

North State Cooperative Library System (NSCLS)

(REV 5/2017)
By agreement with Simpson University, this container is housed on the university campus at: 2211 College View Drive, Redding, CA 96003.  A map to the Location of Emergency Container map is here:Simpson_University_Map – disaster supply container for libraries

Library members of NSCLS are the intended users of these supplies and the supplies are available all the time, 24/7.

Keys to the container are kept by:
Simpson University Library: (530) 226-4117 AND
Campus Safety: (530) 941-7592

A list of the containers’s contents are listed here List of supplies [pdf]

The list is also posted inside the container.  It is the responsibility of any library using the supplies to replace items used within 45 days.  NSCLS is willing to be an advisory resource in securing replacement of supplies.  Supplies are not intended to compensate for an entire emergency. Supplies are to be used to initiate a disaster response.  Please notify NSCLS headquarter after using any supplies.

Disaster Assistance

California Preservation Program emergency number – 888-905-7737  and also a link to the CPP website: http://calpreservation.org/services/disaster_assistance/

Please Note: Arranging the use of a freezer unit for wet books is the responsibility of each participant library.  This arrangement should be completed prior to an incident and is only feasible when conserving rare and special collection materials.