Free Local Resources

There are a lot of barriers to employment and education but your local community offers resources to help you.  Even if you think you don’t need them or qualify for them, at least take a look and see what is offered to help you transition easier or get assistance to get where you want to go quicker.  These resource guides have all sorts of valuable connections including:  Housing Assistance, Low Cost Internet, Food Banks, Health Insurance, Tattoo Removal, Employment Assistance, Financial Aid, Legal Assistance, and so much more!

Local resources are available for the following areas:

Resource Guide for Lompoc
Resource Guide for Mono County
Resource Guide for Monterey County
Resource Guide for Paso Robles
Resource Guide for Salinas
Resource Guide for Santa Barbara_ Goleta
Resource Guide for Santa Maria
Resource Guide for Solano County
Teen Resource Guide for San Jose

If your area is not listed, try calling or googling 211 in your local area.