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Most people search for jobs based on the last job they had or what they think they are qualified to do.  Through Career Vision we encourage you to utilize proactive job searching which takes into account your location and passions.  Read all job descriptions at employers you may be interested and see if you can learn some of the skills needed if the jobs seem interesting!  Don’t assume you don’t qualify if you have never done it before.
Not sure what you are interested in?  Check out this video to help you identify your interests.

Interest Video

Interest Video
For more questions to help you think about your interests, check out these questions to learn more about your passion area.
Interest Questions

Looking at jobs at the largest employers in California is a great way to start your job search.  For largest employers in your area, check out the local resource section. Largest Employers in California

See Careers – Employers for additional areas!

Some libraries have subscriptions to Reference USA or A-Z database to help you do a proactive job search by identifying what companies are in your local area.  Reference USA was used to cultivate the Largest Employers in California list and the local largest employers available in the local resource section.  Here are some videos on how to run your own searches in Reference USA if your library has access to this database.
Videos on Proactive Job Searching with Reference USA based on
Largest Employers in the Area
Industry Group
Bus Route and Commute Patterns
Intro to A-Z Databases